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Shani Garbeli


"At the age of 13, I fell in love with my girlfriend. We were together for almost a year, without knowing that it was forbidden. After seven months, someone saw us and shouted at us, "You lesbians" - Shani Garbeli's testimony
"After the first conversion therapy, I tried to commit suicide. He asked me to sleep with my friends... I realized that I was scum, destroying humanity and mentally ill"

Writer: Gil Friedman

Broadcasted on the program "Shay Bashidor", Channel 13, August 6, 2019


Shani Garbeli grew up as an ultra-Orthodox girl and studied at ultra-Orthodox educational institutions in Jerusalem. After she discovered her sexual orientation, she turned to the Atazat Nefesh organization. But since they do not deal with women, she was referred to another therapist under whom she underwent conversion therapy. With great courage and tears, Shani tells about the mental difficulty of these treatments.

ראיון נוסף בתוכנית העולם הבוקר ברשת 13

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